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Craps is widely regarded as the most fun you can have in a casino. While it developed from an Old English game called hazard (which you can still occasionally find in English casinos) the modern game of craps was introduced to America in the cultural melting pot of New Orleans, and is now one of the most popular American casino games.

Many people are turned off by craps because of how complex it looks, but the basic rules are actually very simple. All you need to know to begin your understanding of craps is how the pass line bet works.

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The Pass Line Bet

This is the fundamental bet of craps. It is resolved in two stages. When a new round begins, the shooter (the player rolling the dice) makes a come out roll. If you make a pass line bet, then you will win even money if the dice roll 7 or 11. If they roll 2, 3 or 12, then you will lose your bet. Either result ends the round in the first stage.

If the come out roll produced any number other than 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12, then the number that was rolled becomes the point, and the next stage begins. The pass line bet is now on whether the shooter will roll the point again before rolling a 7. If the point is rolled first, the pass line bet wins even money. If 7 is rolled first, then the pass line bet loses.

Once the pass line based bets have been resolved, a new round begins starting with another come out roll.

The Other Bets

There are many bets that rely on the pass line, or rules similar to the pass line, but there are also a number of multi-roll proposition bets and single roll proposition bets. These bets can be a lot of fun to make, however they do give the house a larger advantage compared to pass line based bets. The upside is that the payouts are quite high, so betting on proposition bets while waiting for a pass line bet to resolve can be entertaining and very profitable if you win.

Online Craps

If you still arenít too sure about how to play craps, then why not give it a try online? Online casinos often feature craps and many other American casino games, and they donít have the pressure of other players waiting for you to make a bet. Another advantage of online casinos is that you can take use bonuses that will give you even more chips to wager with while playing online craps.

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